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Green goods at affordable price hailed | 美国专家点赞中国绿色产品 驳斥美财长无端指责




Sourabh Gupta, a senior fellow at the Institute for China-American Studies in Washington, said the large-volume green products China was providing more cheaply than others "will go a long way to facing down the climate challenge, especially as these products go mainstream in developing countries where the vast body of humanity lives".




"Even more impressive than the provision of these large-volume, low-price green products is the Chinese government's resolve to stand behind and support the creation of markets at scale for these products, such that many renewables and green products are cost-competitive today or likely to be cost-competitive soon with the more emissions-heavy products that dominate the marketplace currently."




Yellen has her reasons for leveling the allegations against China regarding overcapacity and dumping in foreign markets, Gupta said. "China is moving away from that overinvestment model, but the level of domestic savings remains excessively high. As such, there are understandable fears that these savings will macroeconomically manifest themselves in the form of domestic overproduction dumped overseas in export markets.




"Of course, balanced against this argument is the fact that China enjoys real comparative as well as competitive advantages in many of the product groups which it is now being accused of dumping," Gupta said, pointing out that China's lead in EVs and the battery sector is the result of innovation and highly competitive capabilities.


“但相对应的,我们也要看到中国在许多被指控倾销的产品类别中确实拥有实实在在的比较优势和竞争优势。” 古普塔表示,中国在新能源汽车和电池行业处于领先地位,是因其创新能力和强大的市场竞争力。


The Chinese government was wise, via its industrial policy planning, to be an early mover to incubate these industries of the future at scale, he said. "Yellen's statements and the Joe Biden administration's approach involve double standards and protectionism. There is also more complexity."




The US has already found additional ways to exclude Chinese goods from its marketplace, he said, whether via the import route or the foreign direct investment route, drawing on its "foreign entity of concern" rules contained in the CHIPS Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.




"These rules will be enforced aggressively. That said, the latter two pieces of legislation do contain exemption pockets to enable qualifying China-originating components or licensed items to enter the US marketplace, particularly where alternatives to Chinese content in these green products and industries of the future do not exist. But by and large, the US goal is to minimize the scope of such content and, over the longer run", eliminate or desensitize these supply chains of China-originating content.


他指出,"这些规定将得到严格执行。尽管后两项立法确实包含豁免条款,允许符合条件的原产于中国的零部件或特许产品进入美国市场,尤其是在绿色产品和未来产业中不存在中国产品的替代品的情况下。但总的来说,美国的目的是最大限度地缩小此类产品的范围,并 "从长远上"去除或淡化这些源自中国的产品供应链。


US subsidies for EVs clearly violate WTO rules, Gupta said, and it is only a matter of time before a panel in Geneva finds them to violate US multilateral trade commitments.



Source: China Daily

Editor: Lai Yingying

Senior Editor: Pang Bo